Alaska Capital=Juneau. alaska's nickname is the last frontier. alaska'sState Gem: Jadeexternal image jade2.jpg

external image alaska.gif Alaska's statehood was january 3, 1999

Pic of alaska flag

Flag of Alaska

There are 8 gold stars on the Alaska flag.

Pic of state bird

external image 2476469057_c53281a4c7.jpg

The willow ptarmigan is Alaska's state bird.It looks sort of like a chicken. It has a red head.

Pic of state tree
external image psitchenform.jpg
Sitka spruce
The sitka spruce tree is alaska's state Tree, it can be over 80 feet tall

Pic of state flower
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Forget me not

Info on alaska :

One phisical feature of alaska is that is alaska's glaciers cover 5% of it's suA good place to visit is Juneau's trolley car company.

A native american history fact is eskimos were from alaska

Alaska is the biggest state
alaska is 2 times the size of Texas.89.9% of the people in alaska speak alaska physical feature is called kabuch a
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alaska place to visit is the alaska state museum.1867 the territory was puchased from russia for $7,200,000