By Kelli, Bess , Emma, and Nisha

Kids-n-Fun | Coloring pages: Toothbrush
Kids-n-Fun | Coloring pages: Toothbrush
The Apothecary
The Apothecary

A person who prepares and sells medicine.Apothecarys sell tree root and licorice for tooth brushes and spices and seasoning for toothpaste.Its just like ur spreading more stuff around your teeth when your brushing them!Apothecarys use leeches for some operations they do for people.They use leeches to do blood donations of all kinds!And then when the leeches are full they just fall right off your skin.

Some medicines they used were chalk for heartburn, calamine for skin irritations, and cinchona bark for fevers. Later it was discovered that cinchona bark contains quinine for malaria and quinidine for cardiac conditions.They also made house calls.
Headaches were often treated by vinegar of roses, a remedy made of rose petals steeped in vinegar and applied topically.this is the

Pasteur & Galt Apothecary Shop on Duke of Gloucester Street.

Dr. William Pasteur established his first
Williamsburg apothecary shop in 1759
Dr. John Minson Galt opened his apothecary
in 1768.
external image building-apothecary.jpg

The apothecary is like a "Pharmacist" .There were several apothecary shops throughout Williamsburg,but one of the main ones was on the east end of The Duke Gloucester Street .The apothecary has a very important job. They have to sell the right medicines to everyone in town,or else they could die.

Dr.William Pasteur got his first shop in 1759.He started out as an apprentice for Dr.George Gilmer Senior .Then he studied in london for about a year. The apothecary practiced as a doctor but the apothecary was not a doctor.This picture is of a person who is an apothecary that is using a mortor and pestal to grind up erbs to make medicine.
apoth2_sm.jpg Dr. Galt Pasteur.jpgDR.PASTEUR

This is Dr. galt. Dr.Galt is a tradesman for Apothecary. Dr. Galt served as a military surgeon and a director of state apothcary.

Dr.Galt worked with William Pasteur. They started partnership in 1775 before the theft of gunpowder from the Magazine.William Pasteur treated Botetourt.

The Apothecary was really popular in small towns because small towns usally don't have Public Hospitals.Back then practicly the only person in town who could heal you or save your life was the apothecary.Another thing was that the apothecary could not be female he had to be male.