Click for detailed Arkansas counties map
Click for detailed Arkansas counties map
Flag of Arkansas
Flag of Arkansas

Arkansas's state capital is Little Rock.
Arkansas's nickname is the Natural State.
 Arkansas's state bird is the mocking bird. Arkansas state flower is the Apple Blossom.
the.Arkansas has two state trees Loblolly Pine and the Shortleaf Pine.
The Arkansas state hood date and order is June 15,1836. It is the 25th state.

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Apple blossom
Apple blossom Shortleaf pine
The French used the name Arkansea for the Quapaw and the region.
A place to visit in Arkansas is the Little Rock Zoo.  A fun fact is the State insect is the Honeybee.    
A place to visit is the capital Little Rock
fun fact for Arkansas is that it's state Mammal is a Whitetail deer.
The native american tribes are Caddo,Quapaw, and Osage.
There is a river that nearly divides the state in half.
Low lands and high lands also divide the state.

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