Basketmaker .
By Rachel,Brigitte,and Ellajane.
Hey you just loged on to the most intresting project,let me tell you some things about basket weaving.

In Coilonial WilliamsburgThe Basketmaker is located in the Wythe house Kitchen.
George Wythe kitchen
George Wythe kitchen

Women would usually make the baskets.

Instead of using plastic bags they would use baskets for carrying all sorts of things.

Depending on what was put in the baskets also depended on how long the basket lasted.
For example a basket that you took out every day to put corn in may last 1 or 2 years
while a basket that was not used as much and for this particular reason might last 4 or 5 years.

There are two types of baskets. One is a square bottom basket and the other is a round bottom
basket. When you make a basket you start with the base. You must choose one of these types
and depending on which one you choose also depends on how the finished basket will look.

When it came to making tools for basket weaving you most likely already owned what you needed. If not you would probobly make your own.

Nobody bought the baskets. They were only made for personal use. After all if you were to buy one you would buy one that was imported from England.

Showing unfinished basket and un-used white oak strips .


Part of basketmakers shop.