By Tyler and Nicholas and David and Noor

A Blacksmith is a person that is skilled with iron and steel.Blacksmiths make Things like nails, wedges and axes.

Some tools blacksmiths use are forge,anvil,hammer,tongs,vise and file.Most of the the things blacksmiths make are for farmers like the tops of an ax or house hold items. The A blacksmith back in the time of Williamsburg was James Anderson.

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Blacksmiths are upper middling class and considered quite important.Small villages did not usually have more than 1 or 2 blacksmiths because the other trades could not handle all the competition.However bigger vilages like Philidelphia did have more than 1 or 2 blacksmiths.blacksmiths also took a big risk by by making armor and weapons for americans during the revolution.This is a big risk because if the british found out they would be trialed for treason and hung to death.
First, he gets a bar of iron and puts it in the hearth. Next, he hammers the bar to form a nail shaped object. Last, he hammers the nail shaped object off the rest of the bar. One nail ready to go! The average blacksmith can make a nail in 20 seconds!

by: David Strickland

These are some of the tools that a blacksmith uses.There are hamers,a tong,and a anvils. More tools they use are forges, files, and vises.

The name Blacksmith was made because smith means hit with a hammer and they got black from the black ironbooty