state hoodAugust 1,1871State Nickname-centennial state or colorful statestate capital -Denver
Colorado State Flag
Colorado State Flag
www.50states.comexternal image images? image images? state bird is the Lark Bunting .It is 7-18 cm it is usally black , white , brown , and gray external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSXiH__ylNvyoXPqBUoaoesTzZY3mYbV0hCJmrLZqbx7qvgOYPUAQ
The state flower of Colorado is the Rocky Mountain Columbine,
It is purple by the bottem of each petle and it is white on the rest of the flower.
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The state tree for Colorado is the spruce tree.It looks like a pine tree and it is very good winter tree .It looks like it has some snow on it too.external image images? is a fun place in Colorado called Beaver Creek.external image images?
These are the Rocky Moutains of Colorado. 

One fun fact about Colorado is Colorado has the largest flat-top moutain in the world its located
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The early Native Americani in Colorado danced to welcome spring

The prominent native groups in colorado are