Students can browse or search for websites reviewed by librarians.
IPL Kidspace This section of the Internet Public Library has evaluated websites that are appropriate for kids. It is browsable and searchable. For teen, adult and educator sites, just go to .
Quintura for Kids A Search Engine with a twist. As students search words, links appear below and other associated words appear above. Students can clarify their terms and refine their results. Teach students to create Boolean searches with this website. Students use puzzle pieces to create Boolean searches, which will help them search databases more effectively. Results appear below and students can change their search as they need.
AskKids This is a search engine created to be kid safe. It even has a section to search for images. However, it does have sponsored ads. Teach students about copyright as they use the image they find.
KidZui This is a downloadable kid-safe browser. This might be one to suggest if your parents want to ensure safe browsing at home.