Cooper: By Drew & Graham

 A Cooper is a person that makes casks (barrels), then he or she stores things such as gunpowder, tobacco, flour, liquids such as wine, and other commodities in the casks. Cooper's make different kinds of casks such as the firkin, kilderkin, hogshead (The most commonly used barrel in colonial Williamsburg), butt (It is not what you think), and others.The Cooper trade takes about 7 years.

Cooper is a very complicated trade. You have do a lot of stuff like shape shape the barrell and design it.

building-cooper.jpgThis is one of the Coooper stores.

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One very famous Cooper that lived in colonial Virginia was Adam Waterford. He is very special because he was born a slave, then later freed. Historical records show that Adam Waterford paid all his taxes, owned land, owned a buisness, and made buckets for the public gaol (jail), and got paid 5 schillings.