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Rhode Island
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The capital of Rhode Island is Providence
Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S.Something cool is that there is a ranch inTexas that's bigger than Rhode Island!!
State Nickname
The Ocean State
State Hood
May 29,1790 the 13th State
State Flag image
Click for detailed Rhode Island Flag
Click for detailed Rhode Island Flag
Rhode Island state flag
State Bird image
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State Bird description
The Rhode Island Red is a beautiful red hen with a red comb and wobble and graceful legs.
State Flower image
external image thumbnail.aspx?q=401371179180&id=c0ebbee88269fcb1368ebb34b337c6f1&index=ch1&url=http%3a%2f%2forigin.betterstream.com%2fcache%2fthumbs%2fimages%2f1595-ri-state-flower-violet_453x1000.jpgRhode Island state flower: VIOLET
State Tree description
external image arubrumform.jpgRhode Island state tree:Red Maple
Early History Native American Fact
The Native Americans of Rhode Island lived in wigwams. Narragansett and Wampanoag
were two of the tribes.
Physical feature
Smallest state covered with estuary arm of ocean, and forest. Cut out by glaciers thousands of years ago.
Place to visit
Come and visit the Narragansett beaches in Rhode Island.

State Bird description The Rhode Island red is a red hen with a recd comb and red waddle and really long tan legsState flower image purple-violets-rhode-island-state-flower-picture.jpgState Flower description the Rhode Island Violet is a beautiful light purple flower with dark purple tint in the middleState tree description The Rhode Island Red Maple is a gorgeous site to see wirh its long bueatiful branches so graceful a tint of red were the buds will burst.Fun Fact Rhode Island was the wasmallest state in the Union.
Physical Feature Lakes,streams,beaches,islands,and valleys